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Sport at Port Hacking High School.

All students (except Year 12 and Year 11) are expected to take part in some form of sporting activity every Thursday afternoon.  Students are expected to have an appropriate uniform for the sport they are playing.

Students in Year 7 are placed into co-educational, mixed ability groups and do ‘skill’ type sessions for five week periods in Terms 1 – 3 in order to improve technique and also introduce some sports that they may not have encountered.

Students in Years 8 – 11 (and Year 7 in Term 4) have the opportunity to participate in competition or recreation sport. The year for sport is divided into two seasons:  a summer season for Terms 1 and 4; a winter season for Terms 2 and 3.

Each year Swimming, Cross Country and Athletic Carnivals are held by the school, with the Houses competing against each other.  Swimming and Athletics Carnivals are held outside the school grounds. ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND. School representative teams are then selected to compete at Zone, Regional and State levels. The school provides the opportunity for elite level sportspeople to compete in state-wide knock-out competitions in a wide variety of sports.

Attendance at Sport is a requirement of the Department of Education. Leave from Sport is granted only in certain circumstances and after the agreement of the Principal. Should any student request leave during the period allocated to sport, a note explaining the circumstances is to be brought to the Deputy Principal. Dental or medical appointments should be made outside of normal school hours, and not during sport or other periods.

Students not participating in sport due to illness or injury must produce a note signed by a parent, explaining the reason for non-participation. Provision will be made for these students to undertake supervised private study at school.