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Principal's message

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Port Hacking High School has a rich history and proud traditions as the original coeducational high school in the Sutherland Shire, which I intend to preserve and utilise to promote the values of ‘High Expectation and Pride,’ to strengthen school culture. What sets Port Hacking apart is that the students exude a keen sense of motivation, a vivacious commitment, and a tenacious spirit, in developing their educational, sporting, creative, physical, social, moral, and intellectual mindset.

Student potential and their ongoing development is nurtured and challenged in a stimulating innovative educational environment. Students are encouraged to be resilient in their learning, developing an acute sense of personal responsibility in all pursuits and endeavours. This is and always will be supported and substantiated through the school motto ‘Ardentibus nil ardui’, to ‘Strive is to Achieve’.

Port Hacking High School cultivates and instils within students lifelong values of honesty, integrity, empathy, perseverance, tolerance, inclusion and a fundamental emphasis of embracing diversity in all contexts. We expect our students to develop self-discipline in the pursuit of their dreams and aspirations, take pride in their achievements and envisage that our students will become visionary leaders of their generation in their high school years. Throughout their time at Port Hacking High School, we believe that their experiences here in this fine school will produce well-balanced confident young adults equipped to take their place as Global Citizens among the world.

Port Hacking High School has developed an authentic reputation throughout the community for:

  • academic success;
  • well defined welfare practices;
  • highly evolved student leadership programs through the Student Representative Council;
  • sporting prowess;
  • extraordinarily successful Creative and Performing Arts program in visual arts, music, drama, and dance;
  • successful public speaking and debating teams; and
  • highly attuned career’s education and programs and increasing participation in recognising important societal social justice issues that resonate with the community.

Port Hacking High School is fortunate to enjoy a buoyant school community, committed teachers, devoted parents/carers working in unison and harmony for the betterment of the students. Port Hacking is privileged to have supportive feeder primary schools and a highly evolved ‘Transitions’ programs that enables students from our feeder primary schools to make a seamless transition to a unique and engaging high school environment.

Port Hacking High School is an invigorating, exciting, innovative school with state of the art facilities, which achieves outstanding HSC results, affirming its place as a top achieving public high school within the Sutherland Shire.

I look forward to building positive relationships with all members of the Port Hacking High School community.


Rick Turansky


‘Port Hacking High School – Your Local School of First Choice.’